Best Car Tint

Best Car Tiint

EVS Motors brings the Best Car Tint to you!

If you are looking for the best car tint in Houston, then you should stop by our Performance Studio in SW Houston. Let our Brand Specialist show you our Tint Display and help you find the absolute best Window Tint for your very own vehicle.

Houston’s summer is far beyond hot and the solar heat that comes through your car windows feels like it is slowly killing you. Ask for our high heat rejecting Window Tints from Huper Optik or Spectra Photosync to give yourself the comfort of a cool driving experience without blasting your A/C System through your entire trip.

Besides Heat Rejection, Window Tint should also offer a high UV Rejection to protect your leather interior and your skin from harmful UV Rays. All our films offer a 99% UV Rejection. Say Goodbye to sunburn while driving and your leather seats will thank you too. Cracked leather is a hassle to fix, especially on areas that are used a lot like seats and the steering wheel. Prevent that from happening and get the best car tint possible from EVS Motors.

All our Window Tints come with a limited lifetime warranty against fading, changing colors, bubbling and peeling. Once you have our tint on your car, you will not want to go back to basic tint from a cheap corner shop that makes you wait hours for an appointment just to get a tint that you have to get redone every second year because the rear windshield bubbled or the sides turned purple.

Our tints will last you a lifetime. There is a higher chance your car will break down before you have to get our Window Tints redone. Come by our Performance Studio, our Brand Specialist will be happy to help you to get set up.

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Best Car Tint

Best Car Tint

Best Car Tint

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