Best Ceramic Window Tint in Houston

At EVS Motors you find the best Ceramic Window Tint in Houston


If you are looking for the Best Ceramic Window Tint in Houston, don’t look any further. EVS Motors offers the highest quality Ceramic Film on the market, CeraLuxe. Besides the Lifetime Warranty that any good window tint should provide, this special Ceramic film is made with the highest grade Ceramic that can be used, which gives it fantastic heat rejection on a broader spectrum than any other Ceramic Film, which basically means, YOU WILL FEEL THE DIFFERENCE.

Best Ceramic Window Tint in Houston

Let’s be honest, Houston’s heat is unbearable in the summer months and unfortunately that does not make traffic any faster. For all of you that have to sit in traffic 2 hours a day, CeraLuxe will make this ride as comfortable as possible and might even save you a few bucks on gas.

CeraLuxe is available in 3 different shades, 20%, 33% and 70%. The higher the number the more light comes through the film, while still rejecting a massive amount of heat. Besides that big important feature of heat rejection, it also rejects 99.5% of UV Rays, which protects your interior leather from drying out and your skin from catching a sunburn.

Best Ceramic Window Tint in Houston

We have a tint dispay at our Studio and welcome you to stop by to take a look in person. Contact us to get all your questions answered, to book an appointment or to just check out our work.


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