Category : 1221 Wheels

07 Aug 2018

Additional Services for Tesla Owners

We offer additional Services for Tesla Owners If you read my previous post (if not, here it is), you might have already waited for the list of our additional Services for Tesla Owners. Since Tesla became a very popular vehicle manufacturer, there are a lot of aftermarket options for your car available by now. I will list a few of them below, but since there are so many options, this post will be definitely not be long enough to mention […]

31 Jul 2018

Touchless Tire Mounting Dismount Balance

Why Touchless Tire Mounting is a thing Let’s be honest, if you do not care about your wheels, it probably does not matter where you take them to get them mounted, but if you are like me and get a heart attack for every scratch you see on your wheels, touchless tire mounting is the only way to get your tires put on. And let’s just say you don’t just flip over scratched stock wheels and actually put a nice […]

24 Jul 2018

1221 AP2X super concave wheels

1221 AP2X Super Concave Wheels Since we worked with 1221 it was always their top priority to create top of the line wheels. With the new 1221 AP2X super concave wheels you can now get the most concave setup possible for your vehicle.   1221’s newest configuration is featuring two entirely new profiles. For the first time, they bring the concave wheel to the front axle of a wide variety of sports cars, super cars, and exotics, a place where […]