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14 Jul 2016

New Vossen Cast Wheel Finishes

Now we offer NEW Vossen Cast Wheel Finishes The wait is over for so many of you. Vossen finally released optional new Vossen Cast Wheel finishes. If you counted yourself to the group of people that were not satisfied with standard finishes, today will change your life! Now you can get any Vossen Cast Wheel of the VF-Series and CV-Series with any of their solid finishes showed on their homepage. If you are feeling a little lazy, here is a […]

12 Jul 2016

Aventador Superveloce with Vossen Novitec NV1 Wheels

Another Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce with Vossen Novitec NV1 Wheels makes a statement   Look at this gorgeous Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce with Vossen Novitec NV1 Wheels in scarlet red. We did what many would not dare. This color combination is so badass, regular people are scared to even think of it. But not our client.     He even changed his vinyls on the rear quarter panel to match the color of the wheels. Controversy is what we were going for […]

01 Jul 2016

Vossen Forged Lip Concept Wheels

Make your pick : Vossen Forged Lip Concept Series Vossen Forged started their journey last year with a big boom. New beginnings have to be celebrated with new wheel concepts and their Vossen Forged Lip Concept Series sure is one of a kind. These are just a few of the amazing creations Vossen Forged came up with. Especially intense colors look amazing on this series. It is the perfect way to add some life and color to your vehicle. I […]

09 Jun 2016

Vossen Forged Wheels

EVS Motors brings Vossen Forged Wheels to you   Create your kind of wheel with Vossen Forged Wheels. Vossen is a already well established wheel manufacturer. Known for their always up to date cast wheel designs and appreciated for their social media precense, Vossen is on the forefront of wheel manufacturing. Last year they finally started creating their very own Vossen Forged Wheel Series. This allows you to customize your Vossen Wheels. Just pick a design and choose the finish […]

19 May 2016

Novitec x Vossen NV1 Wheels

This is the first Aventador SV with Novitec x Vossen NV1 Wheels This Aventador Superveloce with Novitec x Vossen NV1 Wheels is another result of a successful Vossen collaboration. Novitec and Vossen’s shared focus on precision craftsmanship, revolutionary design, and producing the highest quality product within the automotive industry. The NV1 forged wheel is the product of Novitec and Vossen’s mutual respect for the Lamborghini Aventador SV and dedication to refining it.   Hexagonal, sharp, and aggressive, the Aventador’s lines […]

18 May 2016

New Aftermarket Wheels

If you are looking for new aftermarket wheels, stop by EVS Motors and check out our Wheel Display Gallery. New aftermarket wheels can bring your car to another level. Break out of the boring stock wheel life and pick a set of wheels for your vehicle that make it one of a kind. If you are looking for a flush look or something more aggressive, our Brand Specialists can help you find the perfect fit for your vehicle. We work […]

17 May 2016

ADV1 Wheels – Houston’s best

EVS Motors is the exclusive Texas distributor for ADV1 Wheels – Houston’s best   ADV1 Wheels – Houston’s best aftermarket forged wheels. If you are looking to stand out and give your car the missing WOW factor, ADV1 wheels are exactly what you need. Their unique designs and exquisite quality are well known all around the world. Since all their wheels are custom made items, you are able to decide between many options available to create your very own unique […]

23 Mar 2016

Aftermarket Wheel Dealer

EVS Motors is your go to Aftermarket Wheel Dealer in Houston, Texas.   Come to our shop today to talk to our Brand Specialist and pick your dream wheels. We are the best Aftermarket Wheel Dealer in Houston, Texas. We work with well known brands like ADV1, Vossen and Vorsteiner. Check out their Wheel collections: ADV1 Wheel Collection Vossen Wheel Collection Vorsteiner Flow Forged Wheel Collection   ADV1 Wheels Famous for its aggressive wheel fitments that literally change the personality […]

23 Mar 2016

The best alternative to HRE Wheels in Houston

The TRUTH is, there is NO alternative to HRE Wheels in Houston!   Don’t let anyone fool you, there is no substitution to HRE Wheels in Houston! HRE Performance Wheels have been around for over 30 years (to be exact 38) and there is a reason for it. It all started with the mission of creating the best wheels in the world. Their team figured out pretty soon that in order to manage that, you will need control over all […]