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29 Mar 2017

Get Paint Protection Film in Houston

Where to get Paint Protection Film in Houston   When you are looking for Paint Protection Film in Houston, you definitely want to make sure to get a good product and an amazing installer. A good Paint Protection Film usually comes with 10 year manufacturer warranty against peeling, yellowing and cracking. This means you will have this film on your vehicle for quite some time, probably until you decide to sell your car or pass it on to family members. […]

06 Oct 2016

GoPro released Hero 5

The wait is over! GoPro released Hero 5 yesterday Finaly, GoPro released their new camera. We waited long for this one, but yesterday GoPro released Hero 5. They also offer an upgraded version of the Hero Session that was released last year, the GoPro Hero Session 5. In this post I will focus on the two new cameras to show you what has changed and what you can look forward to with those two new options. Of course I will […]

15 Sep 2016

Clear Paint Protection

Clear Paint Protection Film is the answer to rock chips and other minor paint damages   We all had it happen to us before. Buying a new car is definitely an exciting moment. There is not much that can take that feeling away for a few weeks. Until you drive in Houston traffic, behind a 18 wheeler that knocks a rock right onto your brand new hood. Or parking at a store and when you come back, find a scuff […]

07 Sep 2016

Vorsteiner McLaren Program

Take a look at the incredible gorgeous Vorsteiner McLaren Program   EVS Motors is happy to share with you some of the amazing pictures of the new Vorsteiner McLaren Program. Sit back and enjoy the transformation of this 570S. The carbon fiber aero kit from Vorsteiner fits incredible well on all ends. Already known for a full carbon fiber structure, the McLaren 570s can now wear it’s hidden beauty on the outside, visible for everyone, even to the non-believers (as […]

20 Aug 2016

EVS Motors Cars and Caffeine Houston

EVS Motors hosts and event to show appreciation We want to get together and spend some quality time with our clients and friends that share the same love for cars and coffee. EVS Motors hosts this event to say thanks to all of our friends and clients for all the support over so many years and just to create a little monthly get together for our car folks.     You can go to our event on our Facebook page […]

18 Aug 2016

iPE Exhaust for Mercedes C63 and BMW M4

Special deal on iPE Exhaust for Mercedes C63 and BMW M4 until the end of August!   EVS Motors offers a special price on iPE Exhaust for Mercedes C63 and BMW M4. If you have either one of these vehicles or know someone that does, Innotech Performance Exhausts are a well recognized brand in this field and is worth every single cent of the usual cost. But for August 2016 we have sponsorship pricing for those two vehicles. Make your […]

12 Aug 2016

Forged Wheels in 10 days

If you want forged wheels in 10 days there is only one answer!   Vossen Forged is the only company I have seen so far that offers Forged Wheels in 10 days. I couldn’t believe what I read once I saw that email with these news. Dealing with many brands over the years you learn that forged wheels definitely is not something that comes around quickly. Usually companies take their sweet time with forging a custom set of wheels. It […]

09 Aug 2016

Houstons best car tint

We exclusively provide Houstons best car tint!   I can honestly say, we do provide Houstons best car tint, by far. There is no second shop in Houston that installs the best film on the market! You don’t have to trust my word. Who am I to tell you that any other tint in Houston cannot compare? I invite you to come by our shop personally and be convinced by numbers and first hand experience of how window tint should […]

04 Aug 2016

Dodge Challenger Hellcat Widebody

Here it is! The first Prior Design PD900HC Dodge Challenger Hellcat Widebody Kit in the entire country   There is no better way to feel special in the car world than to own the first Dodge Challenger Hellcat Widebody in the entire US, and we can make it happen for you. This body kit has not been sold in the United States yet and we can bring the very first one straight to you. I have seen many wide body […]

20 Jul 2016

Bad Body Kit Fitments

Bad vs good body kits. What does a bad body kit fitments look like?   First off, if you buy a body kit for a very low price and you think it is too good to be true, most likely you are right. With cheap body kits you get exactly what you paid for. Bad body kit fitments make your life a pain once it comes to the install. If you install it yourself, you will definitely save money but […]