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09 Aug 2018

Restore your paint with Paint Correction

You might have read the term Paint Correction many times but were never sure if and why you need one. In this post I will try to explain why Paint Correction is a thing. First off, don’t feel bad if you cannot tell if you car needs a paint correction or not. I noticed that there are people that are bothered by swirl marks and some don’t even notice them (until they are gone). Swirl marks are super fine scratches […]

07 Aug 2018

Additional Services for Tesla Owners

We offer additional Services for Tesla Owners If you read my previous post (if not, here it is), you might have already waited for the list of our additional Services for Tesla Owners. Since Tesla became a very popular vehicle manufacturer, there are a lot of aftermarket options for your car available by now. I will list a few of them below, but since there are so many options, this post will be definitely not be long enough to mention […]

04 Aug 2018

Velos Designwerks Tuning

Velos Designwerks Tuning There are many companies on the market offering ECU (electronic control unit) tunes for your vehicle, but none are quite like Velos Designwerks Tuning. With the promise of power comes great responsibility. Most companies don’t quite tell you that tunes, if done incorrectly, can come with many downsides. Velos Designwerks creates tunes customized to each specific vehicle year, make and model to unlock as much power as possible without compromising drivability. Why can ECU tunes make your […]

03 Aug 2018

UV Rejecting Window Tint – Skin Cancer Prevention

Protect your skin with UV Rejecting Window Tint As well known, UV Rays cause skin cancer and visible signs of aging. They can bounce off water and sand as well as penetrate through glass. I never saw anyone applying sunscreen before they drive to work, did you? But since you are in risk of UV damage even if you are in your car, UV Rejecting Window Tint is an effective solution. A study in the Journal of the American Academy […]

31 Jul 2018

Touchless Tire Mounting Dismount Balance

Why Touchless Tire Mounting is a thing Let’s be honest, if you do not care about your wheels, it probably does not matter where you take them to get them mounted, but if you are like me and get a heart attack for every scratch you see on your wheels, touchless tire mounting is the only way to get your tires put on. And let’s just say you don’t just flip over scratched stock wheels and actually put a nice […]

28 Jul 2018

New Vorsteiner Three-Piece Forged Wheels

Specialized, but not limited to Europeans Vorsteiner recently released their new Vorsteiner Three-Piece Forged Wheels. This allows you customize on of their forged wheel designs. You probably know Vorsteiner for their well fitting carbon fiber parts for European Vehicles.  They also offer a very successful flow forged series called V-FF. Specialized in European fitments, Vorsteiner decided to explore a wider variety of vehicle makes. They released their forged wheel line a few years ago and did well with classy and […]

02 Mar 2018

Ceramic Coating in Houston

Get your Ceramic Coating in Houston at EVS Motors You are probably looking for Ceramic Coating in Houston because you are tired of maintaining a clean car in a city full of pollen and ridiculous weather patterns. There are definitely ways to make it easier on yourself and your bank account to maintain a shiny clean car for longer and to maintain it with less effort. We use Ceramic Pro which is the up and coming Ceramic Coating in Houston […]

12 Apr 2017

The best tint in Houston

Where to get the best Tint in Houston There are a lot of products on the market, but EVS Motors wanted to make sure to only offer the best products to assure our clients get what they pay for. This is the place to go if you want the best Tint in Houston. Of course, we also offer a variety of window films, but if you want the BEST film, the following two options are perfect for you!   I […]

29 Mar 2017

Get Paint Protection Film in Houston

Where to get Paint Protection Film in Houston   When you are looking for Paint Protection Film in Houston, you definitely want to make sure to get a good product and an amazing installer. A good Paint Protection Film usually comes with 10 year manufacturer warranty against peeling, yellowing and cracking. This means you will have this film on your vehicle for quite some time, probably until you decide to sell your car or pass it on to family members. […]