Clear Paint Protection

Clear Paint Protection Film is the answer to rock chips and other minor paint damages


We all had it happen to us before. Buying a new car is definitely an exciting moment. There is not much that can take that feeling away for a few weeks. Until you drive in Houston traffic, behind a 18 wheeler that knocks a rock right onto your brand new hood. Or parking at a store and when you come back, find a scuff on your bumper. Even if you are a great driver, only clear paint protection film can protect you from these minor incidents.

Prevent your car from looking like this and protect the resell value of your vehicle.

clear paint protection


Our ClearGuard nano clear paint protection film will do wonders when it comes to these sort of paint defects. As long as the damage is not strong enough to break through the surface of the film, all the damage done to it will easily heal out with heat. Just park your car somewhere and Houston’s heat will do the trick. We can install this film on any panel that is painted and it will protect your paint from swirl marks, fine scratches and rock chips. Even bird poop and tree sap cannot edge into your paint with this protection film.

And because not all  Clear Paint Protection Films are the same, check out the quality difference of the film we offer compared to other leading brands:

clear paint protection

When you look at the reflections you can see very clearly that ClearGuard Nano is crystal clear and does not give your paint the orange peel effect like the clear film on the left side of the picture. You are more than welcome to look at our display in our shop in SW Houston to be convinced in person that this film is the best option you have.

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