Custom ADV1 Wheels

EVS Motors is Texas only Distributor for custom ADV1 Wheels

Whichever car you own, if you care about it and it’s looks you definitely will be interested in custom ADV1 Wheels from EVS Motors in Houston.

We provide you with personal service connecting you with our Brand Specialist and we will be with you from picking a wheel, through the ordering process, to installing the wheels onto your vehicle. ADV1 Wheels are not just the most beautiful creations you have seen, they also have a high recognition in the high end car scene.

Take a look at the ADV1 Wheel Collection

Their Wheel Models are fully customizable and you are able to create the wheels of your dreams.

Custom ADV1 Wheels

Custom ADV1 Wheels

These are just a few of the custom ADV1 Wheels we created for clients’ and shop vehicles.

The main difference between ADV1 Wheels and other brands is that the president of ADV1 is also the designer. His passion for his designs and the love he includes in every single drawing is obvious. Sharp, modern and often unseen creations are what makes ADV1 Wheels superior to other brands.

“I personally review, check, and approve every single file that goes through our production line. I’ve studied literally thousands of wheels as they go from order processing, to engineering, to machining & finally to the install. I know what works and what doesn’t, what looks good and what won’t, what fitment is safe and what’s problematic, what finishes compliment the wheel and what will ruin it. I absolutely will not allow an order to be produced if it’s not going to look up to our standards, if the finish request is a bad combination, I’ll call the customer with my suggested alternatives. If the requested size / offset isn’t as good as it could be, you’ll hear from me. If the profile or configuration requested isn’t going to look right on the vehicle, you’ll hear from me. I always advise the customer should their be any predicted issues such as these, there’s always a solution however unfortunately the solution may not always be acceptable to the customer in which case unfortunately we’d rather decline the order than produce a set that’s not up to ADV.1 standards. My goal is to ensure that every set produced is perfect, if it’s not then we make it perfect no questions asked.”

-Jordan Swerdloff
President / ADV.1 Wheels

Stop by our Performance Studio today, call us or fill out a contact form to get in touch with our Brand Specialist.


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