Forged Wheels in 10 days

If you want forged wheels in 10 days there is only one answer!


Vossen Forged is the only company I have seen so far that offers Forged Wheels in 10 days. I couldn’t believe what I read once I saw that email with these news. Dealing with many brands over the years you learn that forged wheels definitely is not something that comes around quickly. Usually companies take their sweet time with forging a custom set of wheels. It is true that some brands are better than others and they are worth the wait but we also live in a world were time is money and we already pay enough for forged wheels to begin with. Vossen answered our prayers and promises forged wheels in 10 days. This means your personal set of wheels for your car will be done in 10 days. They call it “10 Day Rush Program” and to be honest, it’s probably the best idea someone could have came up with.

These are just a few of the gorgeous wheels Vossen has created since they launched their forged wheel production.


forged wheels in 10 days


If you have ever ordered a set of forged wheels you will know that getting a set of wheels made especially for your car in the color you like is a process that takes at least a month up to two months if not even longer in some cases and even though some of them might be worth the wait, for all my friends out there that are not quite that patient (including myself here), this will be the best option for you. Vossen is known as a brand for there big presence in the car scene all over the world. Your wheels will be recognized wherever you go.

forged wheels in 10 days


All you have to do really, is choose a wheel design you like from


and pick a color you like from


and call us or contact us here to get all the information you need to buy your very own set of Vossen Forged Wheels.



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