Get the best Clear Bra in Houston

We offer the best Clear Bra in Houston – Here is why


Clear Bra in Houston

When you spend money on paint protection, you want to make sure you get the best Clear Bra in Houston. Why our film is so good, you ask? Well, let me explain.

Clear Bra has one major purpose, to protect paint from rock chips, scratches and road debris. Most clear bra brands do a pretty good job at this. Some more than others but overall protection is always given. Now, that the main reason to get clear bra is covered, you want to of course still have a good looking car, don’t you? Who wants to spend thousands of dollars on a new or fairly new vehicle just to put a bad looking film on top? First of all, clear bra is a product that should protect the paint, so if you plan on selling your car eventually, repainting a panel because of a million rock chips that accumulated  over time will cost you a lot. But besides the protection, we actually offer a product that also provides complete clarity and install methods that provide complete coverage including wrapped edges.

Let me show you what I mean when I say “complete clarity”. Look at this picture below where you can see side by side how clear our film is. Compare the reflections in the clear bra and you can see clearly that the side that has a regular leading brand installed, shows very strong orange peel effects. Meanwhile ClearGuard Nano is completely clear and lets the natural beauty of your paint shine through.

Clear Bra in Houston


Here is another one, so you know I am not just making this up. The bumper has been replaced with our ClearGuard Nano. Compare it to the hood.


Clear Bra in Houston


And if that was not already a great improvement to other brands, we are not done. ClearGuard Nano also comes with a hydrophobic coating that makes water bead right off your vehicle, making it easier to maintain clean.


Clear Bra in Houston


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