GlareShield Tesla Screen Protection

EVS Motors now offers GlareShield Tesla Screen Protection


You wonder what GlareShield Tesla Screen Protection does for you? Tesla vehicles are pretty neat creations. Using the big screen centered on the dashboard, you can basically control the entire car. There is just a downfall to all that. A screen can easily break, glare makes it almost impossible to see and fingerprints give you a hard time to maintain a clean surface. GlareShield Tesla Screen Protection takes care of all of this.

We have the answer for you

If your screen looks anything like this

glareshield tesla screen protector

you will be convinced by these following pictures, showing half of the screen covered by GlareShield Tesla screen Protection Film.

Glareshield tesla screen protection

1 film – 2 features

1) Blue Light Reduction: Studies have shown that blue light is directly linked to interfere with human’s circadian rhythm and melatonin secretion. This results in higher risk for heart disease, diabetes and ocular degeneration. Prestige’s GlareShield Film was mindful of the amount of harmful blue light emitting from the 17″ screen. This film filters 35% of this blue light.

2) Anti-Fingerprint and Anti-Glare: Glare and Fingerprints can significantly impact visibility. GlareShield is implemented with a nano oil resistant coating. This will reduce fingerprints by 80% and reduce glare by 30%. It also protects your screen from scratches and dings without significantly affecting clarity.


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