GT Technik Roll Cage – 991 Porsche GT3

GT Technik Roll Cage install

Today we share the GT Technik Roll Cage install on our clients 991 Porsche GT3. It was pretty straight forward but the pictures provided will give you a better idea of the process.

GT Technik Roll Cage

We unpacked the parts and made sure we had all the hardware the kit is supposed to come with. Additionally, we made sure that the bar assembles properly before we attempt to take the interior apart. Once we checked that everything fits, we started removing the seats.


After we removed the seats, we had to remove the carpet.

We test fit the back piece of the roll cage.

Usually we cut the carpet to provide perfect fitment for the roll bar, but our client wanted to avoid cutting it. For that matter we only cut the carpet where it was absolutely necessary and no way around.

The last part was probably the most difficult to get in but with a little sweat and muscle we got it to fit.

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