Heat rejecting Window Tint

Heat rejecting Window Tint is a must have in Houston.


At EVS Motors we provide you with the highest quality Heat rejecting Window Tint in Houston. You will be grateful to have one of the highest Heat Rejecting Window Tint films available in the entire United States.

Sprectra Photosync is the most advanced high heat rejecting Window Tint created and will provide you comfort, even in the crazy hot Houston summer.

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  • 99% UV rejection
  • 80% (and more) Solar Heat Rejection
  • adapts to sunlight
  • limited lifetime warranty


Heat rejecting Window Tint










We offer Spectra Photosync in 3 different shades, 35%, 45% and 75%. Even if you choose the lightest option available it provides you with a heat rejection from 80% and more and always has a 99% UV rejection. This will protect your leather interior and your skin. Especially when you spend a lot of time stuck in traffic or driving and have your kids in your car, the comfort of having Spectra Photosync installed will be spoiling you. You will notice a big difference compared to other vehicles that do not have that film installed.

All our Tints come with a limited lifetime warranty against bubbling, changing color, fading and peeling. It is an investment to protect your vehicles interior. Dried out and cracked leather is yesterday. Blasting your AC driving from A to B, using up crazy amounts of gas just to be somewhat comfortable is not necessary! Call us today at 888.878.2213 or email us at info@evsmotors.com to get the best Tint in Houston installed on your car.

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We are a licensed installer for all the Window Tint films we offer and our quality of work means a lot to us. Come to our location in SW Houston and check out our Window Tint display in person.

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