Houstons best car tint

We exclusively provide Houstons best car tint!


I can honestly say, we do provide Houstons best car tint, by far. There is no second shop in Houston that installs the best film on the market! You don’t have to trust my word. Who am I to tell you that any other tint in Houston cannot compare? I invite you to come by our shop personally and be convinced by numbers and first hand experience of how window tint should perform and that our tint is the best option for anyone, anywhere.

Which film do we offer?

We always look for new technologies and products to provide our clients with the best service possible. Spectra Photosync is a solar adaptive window tint that offers a 99.9% UV ray rejection and rejects about 80% of solar heat. This can cut down on gas mileage and even does the same for electric cars such as Tesla, which clients of ours confirmed once they had this tint installed on all of their windows.


Watch this video to have an idea of what you can expect once you choose Spectra Photosync:

If that is not convincing enough, I am more than happy to welcome you at our shop and show you in person that these numbers are exactly what you are getting as a result.

Besides the incredible heat rejection, you also get the privacy that basic tint would provide you with, but with a huge plus. This tint adapts to the sunlight. Yeah, you heard right. It basically appears darker at daytime and appears brighter at night which gives you the big benefit of unbeatable clarity and visibility in any circumstance. This tint does not only look cool but also keeps you cool.


Houstons best car tint

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