The best alternative to HRE Wheels in Houston

The TRUTH is, there is NO alternative to HRE Wheels in Houston!


Don’t let anyone fool you, there is no substitution to HRE Wheels in Houston! HRE Performance Wheels have been around for over 30 years (to be exact 38) and there is a reason for it. It all started with the mission of creating the best wheels in the world. Their team figured out pretty soon that in order to manage that, you will need control over all aspects of creating a wheel. The only way to get this done is to do everything in-house. Manufactured and hand-crafted to European TüV verified standards.

HRE Wheels in HoustonHRE Wheels in Houston

All wheel designs go through a long process to ensure it looks perfect and is just as safe as it is pretty. Starting with a 100lbs block of aluminum, the forging, we end up with a around 20lbs wheel. The exact weight of course varies depending on the design the client picks for their wheels.

Just to get you started, take a quick look at their various forged wheel designs.

When they started, it was mostly weekend racing clients that purchased their wheels because they are durable and of course looked great on their cars. Over the years many people fell in love with the various options of customization that HRE Wheels offer. And today, it is widespread that these are some of the best wheels you can get for your car. Of course we can argue over how much to spend on wheels because we all know that topic will eventually come up. But come on, you don’t go buy a knock off smartphone, you go buy the newest iPhone on the market.

Quality and recognition has it’s price, always had and always will. But if you have a minute, just come by our Performance Studio in Houston and check out our display wheels to see for yourself. We will be happy to show you around, answer all of your questions and hook you up with the best wheels you have ever owned!

Call 888.878.2213 or email info@evsmotors.com to get more information and schedule an appointment.


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