iPE Exhaust for Mercedes C63 and BMW M4

Special deal on iPE Exhaust for Mercedes C63 and BMW M4 until the end of August!


EVS Motors offers a special price on iPE Exhaust for Mercedes C63 and BMW M4. If you have either one of these vehicles or know someone that does, Innotech Performance Exhausts are a well recognized brand in this field and is worth every single cent of the usual cost. But for August 2016 we have sponsorship pricing for those two vehicles. Make your dreams come true.

If your Mercedes or BMW is a daily driver, you probably want to get an aftermarket exhaust that is a valvetronic system which allows your vehicle to purr like a kitten and roar like a lion at the same time. Just turn the switch and you control the sound. Closed valves allow you to drive in your neighborhood at night without being hated by the community for waking everyone. Open valves on the other hand will give your car a brutal loud and extreme sound every time you push your gas pedal down.

Here are two videos attached to see these tho vehicles in action with the iPE Valvetronic Exhaust System:


If you cannot hear a clear difference you might need to book an appointment with your doc. And it doesn’t only sound sweet, for BMW M4 they also offer different exhaust tips which they all are badass. Check out these carbon fiber tips!

iPE Exhaust for Mercedes C63 and BMW M4

Or what about the titanium blue version? Time to drive the rainbow!

iPE Exhaust for Mercedes C63 and BMW M4

Both of these cars are already nice cars to have, but this exhaust system will get you to another level. Embrace this opportunity to give your car the extra wow factor and turn heads with the amazing sound of iPE Innotech Performance Exhausts!

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