New Vossen Cast Wheel Finishes

Now we offer NEW Vossen Cast Wheel Finishes

The wait is over for so many of you. Vossen finally released optional new Vossen Cast Wheel finishes. If you counted yourself to the group of people that were not satisfied with standard finishes, today will change your life! Now you can get any Vossen Cast Wheel of the VF-Series and CV-Series with any of their solid finishes showed on their homepage.

If you are feeling a little lazy, here is a picture to give you an idea of your newly won opportunities.

Vossen Cast Wheel Finishes

If that is not a dream come true! Not only do we offer more finishing options color wise, they also include satin, textured and gloss finishes. No need to do the impossible and find a decent powder-coat shop in Houston. Get your wheels delivered in one of these professionally applied finishes and save yourself a lot of money and hassle.

Vossen has opened you the door to a custom set of wheels for the fraction of what this would cost anywhere else. It is up to you to step into this new world of affordable quality wheels and make the best of your car

Vossen Cast Wheel Finishes   Vossen Cast Wheel FinishesVossen Cast Wheel Finishes   Vossen Cast Wheel Finishes

These are just a few examples on how their cast and flow formed wheels would look in some of the new finishes. I am convinced, what about you?


Let us know how you like the new finishing options and get your brand new set of wheels for your car. Just call us at 888.878.2213 or contact us here.


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