Tesla – Clear Bra Paint Protection

Paint Protection Film, or "clear bra" as it is sometimes called, protects the finish of your vehicle from bug acids, rock chips, scratches, stains and more. Conventional paint protection films can show scars and yellowing after a single year of use—especially in the real world, where most of us drive every day. We work with the best "self-healing" Paint Protection Film, Clear Guard Nano. "Self-healing" means, that the film heals itself through heat and sunlight from damages like scratches and rock chips that don\'t penetrate through the surface of the film.





ClearGuard NANO™ is the latest technology in clear Paint Protection Film. The uniqueness of CGN is its ability to repair surface scratches with infrared, ultraviolet rays, or heat. Micro-scratches and swirls will dissipate as the film’s molecular structure will begin to re-bond to its original state. This regenerative process will self-heal minor surface scratches even in cold climate.

Another unique feature of ClearGuard NANO™ is the implementation of the highest Liquid Gloss Factor in the industry. This is an achievement and measurement of unsurpassed surface brilliance, depth and intense gloss of CGN™ when applied to any vehicle. ClearGuard NANO™ has minimal “Orange Peel” texture and its gloss coating is rated 50% glossier compared to the leading brand.

Seamless Hydrophobicity Integration

Cleaning has never been easier.

At EVS Motors, we take pride in bringing in the best products from each industry, and it's no different with our paint protection film choice. ClearGuard Nano is the first film in the market to offer hydrophobic properties built into the top layer. This is similar to the effects of ceramic glass coatings. With this unique trait, washing, cleaning, and staying clean have never been easier. Enjoy the water beading effects as you drive or wash your Tesla.


ClearGuard Nano can be installed on most painted surfaces and coverage areas can be customized to fit your personal needs. Below you will see two typical packages people go for when they get Paint Protection Film installed, but if you would like a specific coverage please contact us directly to get more information.

Full front end coverage

(full front bumper, the full hood, the full fenders and the mirrors)

Starting Price - $1799*

*Prices may vary depending on the Vehicle's Year, Make and Model. Please contact us to get a quote for your car.

Full vehicle coverage

Starting Price - $4499*

*Prices may vary depending on the Vehicle's Year, Make and Model. Please contact us to get a quote for your car.

EVS Custom Hood Option for Teslas

Virtually invisible protection for your hood.

We always strive to improve our quality of work beyond what's expected in this industry, and it's no exception with our clearbra installations. With the introduction of the EVS custom hood option for Teslas, we now offer a much cleaner, virtually invisible coverage for the hood on Model S, X, and 3. The industry standard of clearbra installations typically involve using template kits that are cut on a plotter. While this may result in a faster installation, these kits typically stop right before the edge of the hood, leaving exposed edges. With the introduction of clearbra programs that allow you to extend some edges, shops can offer an additional service/charge to wrap the edges on the hood. While this offers more protection than the kits that stop right before the edge, typically the programs don't wrap every edge on the hood, and/or they leave "relief cut outs" on the corners on the hood. These are exposed areas that allow installers to easily lay down film in complicated areas. Problem with these over time is that dirt can collect and the edges become very noticeable. With over 18 years of experience, we've developed a special technique that'll allow us to wrap all sides of a hood without any relief cut outs. This means a much cleaner, almost invisible protection for our Tesla clients looking for that extra attention to detail service. This is a special service based on request, so please speak to us to request the EVS custom hood option.

Picture above shows a typical template kit coverage. Clearbra on the hood stop short before the edges on all sides.

Picture above shows a typical software wrapped edges kit. Sides of the hood are wrapped, but the film stops short before the corners. This is called a relief cutout.

Picture above shows the EVS custom hood option for Teslas. All sides of the hood are wrapped with no relief cuts on corners. This is the cleanest option for clients looking for a coverage that's almost invisible.

Are ceramic coatings and paint protection films the same thing/do the same thing?

With the rise of ceramic glass coatings in the recent years, there's been a bit of misunderstanding with what a ceramic glass coating can do for your paint. We're all for ceramic glass coatings, but it is not a replacement/substitute for ClearGuard Nano/paint protection films. They work hand in hand. If your main concern is rock chips and light scratches, ClearGuard Nano/ppf is what you're looking for. Ceramic coatings help give you that brilliant shine, but please understand that with only a ceramic coating on your car, your paint is still very vulnerable to rock chips and light scratches/scuffs. I just wanted to address this to help avoid any more cases where I see people asking online why they still have rock chips on their paint after putting a ceramic coating on. Don't want to find out the hard way

Do I really need to cover more than just the bumper?

Rocks/stones can hit your hood, fenders, and mirrors just as easily as your bumper (even on X's!). We seen the back of hoods and fenders get damaged from driving, especially being behind 18-wheelers or trucks. If rocks can fly high enough to damage your windshield, imagine the hood and fenders, which are lower than your windshield.

Is it worth wrapping the entire vehicle?

How much do you care about the paint condition staying new/like new? How long do you plan on keeping the Tesla? What do you plan on doing with it? Where do you plan on taking it? All of these questions will factor in whether or not it's worth protecting the whole car.We always recommend at the very least to protect the full front end, but seeing how superchargers are making it a breeze to take more road trips than ever before, most of our clients want more protection from the unknown.

Aren't all clearbras the same?

Yes and no. Yes, all clearbras are made to protect your paint from physical damage as much as a film possibly can, but the way they look, feel, act, and age vary. Some brands aren't as clear as others. This translates to a more "orange-peel" texture/look essentially on your film/paint. Some colors--it's more obvious, which means certain panels will look almost ripply compared to the panels that don't have clearbra. A really high quality clearbra should actually better than your unprotected panels, or relatively the same assuming the Tesla is brand new.

Do I still need a paint protection film or ceramic coating, since I'm getting the multi-COAT paint?

Yes, the "multi-coat" doesn't actually refer to any sort of paint protection film that comes with the car or any type of ceramic coating. The name implies more about the paint process of how they achieved that color finish in regards to the number of steps it took. The "multi-coat" doesn't mean it comes with ceramic coating applied or integrated into the paint, and it doesn't mean you won't get rock chips or scratches on the paint.

Why do clearbra prices range so drastically where I live in <insert city>?

There's a lot of factors that go into pricing, but I'll just focus on 1 quick one--installation quality. No 2 shops have the same installation quality! If you're basing your next clearbra job, tint job, or any aftermarket service over a cheap price quote over the phone, you're doing yourself a dis-service.

If I only wrap a part of the Tesla, will it be noticeable?

Clarity is a very important deciding factor for us when it comes to selecting the right paint protection film to use. The true beauty with ClearGuard Nano is that it's the clearest film we've ever seen in the market. The paint normally looks better and glossier.

Here are just some of the Teslas we've worked on.

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