Protect your vehicle

Protect your vehicle with Window Tint and Clear Bra from EVS Motors


If you have ever seen older cars that have faded paint and cracked leather interior, you KNOW that you need to protect your vehicle from weather and heat. Do not make the mistake and think that a simple wax and leather conditioner will take care of all this for you and your car will look the way it is forever.

Window Tint does not only exist to give you privacy anymore. Now a days it does way more than that for your family, you and your vehicles interior. Besides providing you with privacy it can also protect you from UV rays and solar heat. That’s right, good tint provides you with at least 99% UV rejection and up to 80% and more solar heat rejection. And if that wasn’t already a good enough reason to get window tint from EVS Motors, we offer you a lifetime warranty against peeling, bubbling and fading on ALL our Window Tint films.

Heat Rejection and UV Rejection is very important, especially if you spend a big amount of the day in your car. Just think of your passengers, especially your kids. Their skin is very thin and even more sensitive to the sun than ours. It must be protected with the best options available. Besides, who doesn’t want to be protected from the Houston heat. If you already don’t have any effect on the traffic situation, make it at least as comfortable as possible for yourself and save some gas as well. Blasting the AC during the entire trip is not necessary anymore.

Clear Bra Paint Protection is a film that is applied to your paint that protects it from rock chips, scratches, bird poop and acid rain. It can cover any area of your vehicle that is accessible and painted. EVS Motors carries the best Clear Bra available in all of Texas, ClearGuard Nano. This film is self-healing, which means, small surface damage like scratches and rock chips that do not penetrate through the surface of the film, will heal out overtime through heat. The Houston sun will take care of it for you while your car is parked outside. ClearGuard Nano protects you not only from damages like the ones mentioned, it also protects your paint from bird poop, hard water and acid rain edging into your paint. It is hydrophobic, which means, water will bead off all covered areas just as if they were waxed. The least coverage recommended is the front end of the vehicle, because that is where most impacted area in regards of rock chips.

Protect your vehicle

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