Residential Window Tint – Keep your Home cool

Residential Window Tint is something that became more popular within the past years. Still, most people are not aware that it can have many benefits besides just privacy.

Residential Window Tint

The Benefit of Residential Window Tint

To consider window tint for your home, you first need to know the facts. Let me explain the benefits you will experience with quality tint on your home’s windows.

1.) Privacy: This will be one of the most commonly known benefits of tint. Depending on the darkness you choose, it will give you extra privacy from all the nosy neighbors.

2.) Glare Reduction: Similar to privacy, Residential Window Tints reduce glare which will allow you to properly work on your computer and watch TV.

3.) Minimizing Damage: We all like our houses fancy with lots of glass to let the sun light in. But the risk of something damaging the glass is higher with a big window front. Especially with kids playing in and around the kitchen and living area. Window film eliminates the risk of shattering, preventing cutting glass shards from spraying into the home and potentially injuring family members.

4.) UV Protection: Our window films offer 99.5% UV rejection which will protect your wood floors, your furniture and your skin.

5.) Keep it cool: High end window films can do more than just protect from UV Rays. With new technology it will also reject solar heat, which can keep it noticeably cooler in your home.

6.) Increase Energy Savings: Due to the higher heat rejection it will allow you to get the most out of your A/C system. Your air conditioning system will not have to work as hard anymore and it will allow the cool air to stay in your home.

If you want to get your home tinted, call 888.878.2213 or email sales@evsmotors.com. Our specialists will be happy to assist you and answer your questions.

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