Road force Balance Houston

EVS Motors offers Road Force Balance Houston

Not every shop can balance wheels properly, and not every balance can compare to a Hunter Road Force Balance Houston. As a consumer, we tend to forget how important it is to have properly balanced wheels to drive on. Whether it’s a weekend driver or a daily commuter, an accurately balanced set of wheels can dramatically improve your driving experience.

Learn more about the process of Road Force Balance Houston

Road force balance houston

The Hunter Road Force Balancer offers a precise balancing analysis of every wheel. The special drum emulates a smooth road to detect any imperfections—light/heavy spots, bends, etc. By properly analyzing the unique condition of every wheel, we are able to offer a more precise balancing experience to every client. Combined with a laser light indicator to pinpoint the weight-needed area, the Hunter Road Force Balancer places weights exactly where it’s needed the most.

A very unique feature that the Hunter Road Force Balancer offers that other mediocre balancers do not, is the tire matching tool. With the special drum, we can detect the highs and lows of the tire and rim individually. As we all know, tires are not perfectly circular. Due to the minor variations in tires, drivers will notice vibrations/shaking at certain speeds if not balanced correctly. With the tire matching tool, we can rotate the highest section of the tire to the lowest point on the rim to make a more balanced combination. Basic balancers can not offer this extremely valuable service, but instead overcompensate the imbalance by adding unnecessary amounts of weights to problem areas. With the Hunter Road Force Balance Houston drivers receive a more balanced foundation and weights are minimized.

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