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The basic services for Tesla owners

Our Tesla clients always show a very special attachment to their Tesla. Regardless if it is a Model S, Model X or Model 3. You always want to do the best to protect the original condition of the vehicle. That’s why we want to create a post listing all services for Tesla owners, to make it easy accessible for all of you. Starting with the most important one first.

Paint Protection Film – ClearGuard Nano

More commonly known as “clear bra”, Paint Protection Film (PPF) is probably the most important service to consider. If you think about it, as soon as you get your car you will drive it. You can deal with heat due to un-tinted windows. Or the need to wash it more frequently because you do not have it ceramic coated. But every second you are driving it without protection, you risk getting rock chips and other damages from road debris.

ClearGuard Nano is the film of our preference after working with many other brands. After a long test phase, ClearGuard Nano has proven to be the film with the most clarity, including a hydrophobic top layer. This will allow you to maintain it clean for longer. The picture below shows you the direct comparison from our film to other leading brands. Look at the reflections in the pain and you will notice how the other brand adds an orange peel effect to perfectly fine paint. Even though Paint Protection Film is made to protect the paint and not enhance it, you definitely don’t want to make it look worse.

To learn more about what Paint Protection Film is and benefits of ClearGuard Nano click here.


Heat Rejecting Window Tint

With a high tech vehicle like the Tesla’s, you want to get the highest technology in window tint for your car. People speak a lot about ceramic tint and such, but when it comes down to it, only the technology that is actually implemented in the film matters. And therefore the numbers speak louder than any marketing trick. We compared numbers of leading brands to our best heat rejecting film. We can confidentially say that Spectra Photosync has the best numbers on the market. The manufacturer from Spectra Photosync makes another film called CeraLuxe. It is a ceramic based film that has a little less heat rejection than Spectra Photosync. Both films have 99.5% UV Rejection, a lifetime warranty  and multiple shades available. If you want to find out more about both of those films you can click here.

BlackVue Dashcam

Scrolling through Facebook you probably saw plenty of these videos from different parts of the world. The benefit of a BlackVue Camera is, that you will have footage of incidents that you can use to your advantage. If you have ever been into an accident (hopefully never), you know that most of the times it is your word against theirs unless there is a bystander that can vouch for you. With a video recording of the actual incident, there is no question. It is very obvious of what happened.

The benefit of the BlackVue cameras goes way beyond that. We install them to a constant source of power so even when you park and go to work, your camera turns on if someone is walking or driving by. This will give you clarity in hit and run incidents that often happen while parked somewhere. If you want to go even further, you can get a mobile Hotspot and get it installed. This way you can make use of the Over The Cloud service from BlackVue. You will be able to remotely log into your camera from far away. If you have kids or regularly use valet services, you can even see where the car is going and how fast. This camera is definitely a game changer and should be a must have to anyone. To learn more about our cameras click here.


I plan on making a post with additional services that are very Tesla specific and will link it here once online. Please stay tuned and follow us on social media for more updates. If you want more information about the mentioned products or want to get prices, please call 888.878.2213 or email sales@evsmotors.com.


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