Spectra Photosync in Houston

EVS Motors is the only Performance Studio that offers Spectra Photosync in Houston

If you are looking for Spectra Photosync in Houston, we can help you out. We are the only Performance Studio that offers Spectra Photosync in all of Texas. It is the only film with the solar adaptive technology. This nano technology window film adjusts its solar energy rejecting properties based on solar intensity. This uniqueness lies in the integration of two key technologies:

Solar Adaptive Nano Coating

This coating will adjust itself once certain wavelengths of the solar spectrum are exposed to the film.  This will trigger an immediate adjustment of the film’s heat rejecting properties to synchronize with solar intensity.  This transitional effect increases Total Solar Energy Rejection (TSER) up to 79% while retaining an impressively light and clear shade.

Infrared Rays (IR) Coating Integration

The solar spectrum consists of 3 main properties: Ultraviolet, Visible light, and Infrared Rays (IR).  IR accounts for 53% of the spectrum, so PhotoSync’s® high 98.5% IR rejection rate serves as a constant measure of product performance. The technological advances of Prestige’s coatings allows for high performance of PhotoSync® without the use of any metallics, which means no interference of wireless transmission signals (e.g. GPS, cell signals, radio waves, keyless entry systems, satellite, etc.).

This allows you to get even an almost clear film without compromising heat rejection. We used Spectra Photosync 75% Film on this Porsche GT3 RS.

Spectra Photosync in Houston


We installed Spectra Photosync 35% on this Mercedes S550.

Spectra Photosync in Houston

This is definitely the best window tint you can possibly get for your vehicle, but we also offer other film options. Take a look at our homepage. Call our Shop at 888.878.2213 to talk to our Brand Specialist today and get a quote for tint on your car. Let one of our representatives show you our tint display and how our window films perform live.

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