Tesla – Bespoke Wheels

Tailor made forged wheels for Tesla Model X.

Whether you're doing it for better performance or looks, our hand picked wheel options will truly make your Tesla--yours.

Pre-Made Wheels

We offer handpicked selections of the finest pre-made wheels for your Tesla. Our wheels fit your Tesla properly while providing unique styling that isn't offered from factory. Usually in stock and ready to go, pre-made wheels are perfect for Teslas looking for quality at a small investment.


Tailor-Made Wheels

Become the designer. When you choose a tailor-made wheel, you're open to a variety of incredible designs, giving your Tesla the highest level of individuality and customization, any enthusiast could ever dream of. Forged out of aerospace-grade 6061-T6 aluminum, the quality equals to and sometimes far exceeds than the raw materials used by the world's top OEM automakers. Not only are you able to choose the design, but with many premium colors to choose from, you can truly make your wheel--your own.

  • Wheels for Model S

  • Wheels for Model 3

  • Wheels for Model X

I'm very new to aftermarket wheels for my Tesla. Do I need to know what specs I want to run before hand?

Whether you're buying pre-made or tailor-made wheels, we'll help you choose the design/color that's best for your Tesla. We've done plenty of Teslas, so leave the fitment and finer details to us, and we'll handle the rest.

What's the difference between pre-made and tailor-made wheels?

Tailor-made wheels are made to order wheels. Any of our tailor-made wheels you see on a Tesla was designed for that individual client in mind. It's very similar to buying a custom tailored suit for yourself--but for your car. You choose the color, spoke design, size, and fitment that you otherwise may not have with pre-made wheels.

What benefits are there going with aftermarket wheels versus factory wheels?

Yes! They can be lighter and stronger than your factory Tesla wheels. The fitment with aftermarket wheels are also more precise and better optimized for your Tesla than even OEM wheels.