Tesla Model 3 Rentals – EVSgo, a new experience!

You might have seen them around the city before, the Tesla Model 3 rentals from EVSgo. A completely new experience that you must try. In times like these, we all have to adjust to changes and Tesla has been changing the market since a few years now. When we started to see the first Tesla Model S’s arrive around 2014 for or vehicle services, it was just the beginning. Now a large amount of the vehicles we work on happen to be a Tesla.

Tesla Model 3 Rentals

EVSgo Tesla Model 3 Rentals

The passion for these vehicles is what sparked the idea for EVSgo, the founders say. Daily driving a Tesla themselves, they experienced the convenience of never stopping at a gas station. The Tesla Model 3 Rentals provided by them are all fully wrapped to give it a more unique look. You will also notice rather quickly that these vehicles stay way cooler than your own car. This is due to the highest heat rejecting window tint that is installed on all glass surfaces. If you are interested in getting tint for your own car, click here to see the film and contact us directly.

They wholeheartedly believe in a sustainable transportation solution for the present and future generations. This is not only shown by the support of electric vehicles like these Tesla’s. It also shows by their support of the Rainforest Trust. When you choose to rent one of their Tesla Model 3 Rentals, they pledge to donate a portion of the sales.  This will help fund projects that’ll further the progress to living in a cleaner, greener world.

Why drive with EVSgo

On their homepage they mention 6 main reasons why you should drive with them. Even if you are a firm believer of the motorized vehicle, you cannot argue against these points. We have many clients that have performance vehicles and drove EVSgo rentals. It is interesting to see, despite their beliefs, they actually had a fun driving EVSgo Model 3’s.

We work closely with EVSgo and provide their vehicles to our clients. If you book a job that will take a day or even longer with EVS Motors, we include the rental for the time period. This will allow you to still be mobile AND have a new, exciting experience.

Make sure to check out their hompage for pricing and availability. You can also call our office at 888.878.2213 to get more information about it.

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