Tesla Model X Tint

EVS Motors offers the highest quality Tesla Model X Tint


If you are looking to get Tesla Model X Tint, you are at the right place. EVS Motors is the only Spectra Photosync installer in Houston. Spectra Photosync is one of the best tints ever made. With a heat rejection from about 80% and more, combined with the unique feature of transitioning technology, this film will make your passengers and yourself feel more comfortable in your vehicle. The benefit of the transitioning technology is, that the film adapts to the sunlight. It brightens up at night to make it easier to see through and darkens if it is bright outside. This gives you privacy but also allows you to have clear vision in all circumstances.

Tesla Model X Tint

Spectra Photosync is the perfect tint for Tesla vehicles because it offers great heat rejection, 99.5% UV rejection and does not interfere with electronic devices.


The only Performance Studio that installs windshield tint on Tesla Model X

As pioneers in our branch and 17 years of experience, we are always looking for the best products for our clients. This said, we take pride in our work and are happy to be able to provide you not only with the best windshield tint you can get anywhere, but also assure you the best service with installing it in one piece. This provides you with a seamless tint on your Tesla Model X front windshield. We are the only Window Tint Installer in Houston that provides this service.

Tesla Model X Tint

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You are also welcome to stop by our shop to take a look at our Tint Display that shows you first hand how great performing tint can change your life. Our Brand Specialists will be happy to assist you. See you soon!

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