Vehicle Tint

Come to EVS Motors to install the best brands of Vehicle Tint ever made


If you ever spend anything above 2 minutes in your car in Houston, you will be inspired to create a vehicle tint that rejects heat. Well, someone already did. We offer the best brands of high heat rejecting vehicle tint available in all of Texas. Times of blasting your A/C from point A to point B are over. Get a window tint that rejects up to 80% and more to enjoy the comfort of your vehicle without feeling like you just walked out of your gym sauna.

Vehicle Tint

The best way to realize what makes great tint truly amazing, is a live heat rejection test. In our studio you can see first hand which film rejects how much of solar heat. Our display allows you to feel AND see the difference between regular glass and glass with good window tint installed. You will be surprised how much this will effect your driving comfort.

We offer Huper Optik Window Tint and Spectra Photosync Window Tint.

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