The Venom Rex all terrain wheels

Discover Venom Rex – the ultimate all terrain wheels

venom rex all terrain wheels

It might surprise you why a company like Vorsteiner decided to create the Venom Rex all terrain wheels when there are so many wheel manufacturers that offer exactly that. What you probably don’t know is that most of those wheels created for trucks are cast wheels which are heavy and not as durable. Venom Rex wheels are flow forged wheels that enhance the performance of your truck due to weight reduction and are more durable than any of those cast wheels on the market.  We will explain to you why.


Why Venom Rex all terrain wheels are better

venom rex all terrain wheels

To understand the difference we will explain you roughly how both processes work to understand what makes Venom Rex superior to other truck wheels.

To make cast wheels, liquid aluminum is poured into a mold and hardens as it cools. This is a cheaper and quicker way to produce wheels. However, the process of allowing the molten aluminum to solidify leads to porosity, which are essentially inconsistencies in the material structure. This unaccounted for can lead to cracking, oxidation, pitting in the finishing, and a reduction in the wheel’s structural integrity. To counteract this deficiency, manufacturers are forced to design with larger tolerances which lead to heavier wheels in order to achieve the desired structural integrity.

The process of flow forging a wheel is more intricate. An initial casting unique to Flow Forging Technology is placed onto a steel rim and mold and prepped to be processed. Extensive heat and pressure is applied using three individual rollers to shape the aluminum to the rim mold. The individually shaped rollers fortifies the barrel to the specified width and density allowing for a stronger wheel using less material. The molecular compound of the aluminum significantly hardens in a streamline direction resulting in a wheel with a higher impact tolerance and considerably lighter in weight.


After the initial release of the 20″ Venom Rex all terrain wheels was so well accepted, Vorsteiner decided to add a line of 17″ wheels for all our clients that prefer a smaller wheel with a little more tire on their truck.


17″ Venom Rex

venom rex all terrain wheels

20″ Venom Rexvenom rex all terrain wheels


Vorsteiner found a way to combine the off-road and street look of aftermarket wheels with the durability of forged wheels and the affordability of cast wheels. This gives you access to the ultimate off-road wheel. And for everyone that wants to go all out, there are options of custom finishes and fully forged versions of these! Contact us at 888.878.2213 for more information and prices or email sales@evsmotors.com



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