VenomRex Wheels – A different take on truck wheels

If you are looking for a new set of wheels for your Truck, VenomRex Wheels is just what you need. Affordable but durable, well designed wheels made by a company that has been in the scene for a long time. Starting with well fitted carbon fiber parts, they found their way into wheel manufacturing. At first, their fitments were specifically for European models, performance vehicles as well as super cars. Later they added more fitments for vehicles around the globe until the love for Raptors caught on to them. With the passion for his own vehicle, the owner launched a line specifically for trucks and such.

VenomRex Wheels

VenomRex Wheels

Most truck wheels on the market are cast wheels, which means the are heavy and lack durability. Vorsteiner found a perfect middle ground with VenomRex Wheels. They are flow-forged which basically means you get the affordable price from cast wheels with a more durable constructed wheel. To explain the difference, let me link a post I made a few weeks back.

The Venom Rex all terrain wheels

VenomRex Wheels offer flow forged as well as forged wheels. All wheels can be custom finished if you prefer a specific color. They first were only available in 20″ but recently they released a 17″ wheel.

To get questions answered, please call our specialists at 888.878.2213 or email us at sales@evsmotors.com. You can place an order online and we can ship the wheels to you directly or you can come by our studio and order in person. We have a touchless tire mounting machine to mount the wheels for you. This way you minimize the risk of damaging your brand new wheels.



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