Vossen Forged S17-07 Wheels – New Release 3-piece

Vossen is working hard on their 3-piece forged wheels and recently released the Vossen Forged S17-07 Wheels. You can see how much work they out in to every single design they release to assure fitment and quality.

Vossen Forged S17-07 Wheels

The Vossen Forged S17-07 Wheels

Aggressive and unique designs are the building block for S17 Series wheels. Any and all ideas and concepts can become reality for nearly any vehicle, from an exotic hyper car to off-road truck application. As with all other S17 Series wheels, the Vossen Forged S17-07 Wheels come with a bunch of optional features.

Center Lock

Entire wheel design modified for center lock application (Requires Lightening Pockets / Option W03)

Lightening Pockets

Weight reducing pockets milled into the back pad of the wheel

OEM Center Cap

Machine cap detail for use with OEM center cap

OEM Lug Bolts/Nuts

Machine lug holes for use with OEM lug fasteners

Personalized Engraving

Personalized note on the inner lip


Available sizes range from 19″ to 24″. Make sure to contact us directly to find out which size is recommended to find a perfect fit for your project. All Vossen Forged wheels are engineered and made in house at their facility in Miami. This gives them more control over the forging process and ETA’s.


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