1221 SVIPE Wheels – Custom Raptor Wheels!

The 1221 SVIPE Wheels are a new creation by 1221 Wheels collaborating with the Salomondrin and Galpin Auto Sports team. The SVIPE Off-Road Truck Wheels are lighter, stronger, and feature the most extreme concave profiles available today.

1221 SVIPE Wheels

1221 SVIPE Wheels

It all started with the Raptor S project by 1221 Wheels, Galpin Auto Sports and Salomondrin. Their goal was to create a more aggressive and capable off-road machine designed to improve every aspect of its performance, aesthetics, and comfort. All the modifications they made require wheels that both OEM and off the shelf options simply can’t solve. (To check out the built click here.)This is how the SVIPE.3 design was created.

The 1221 SVIPE.3 wheels are custom made 2-piece wheels and you can order them in 17″, 20″ and 22″. It features a beadlock looking ring but you can request a true beadlock version. Over 40 color options are possible for every different piece of your own SVIPE creation.

If you want more information on fitment and finishes, gives us a call at 888.878.2213 or email sales@evsmotors.com. If you are interested in wheels for other vehicles, check out our wheel page to see the brands we offer and wheel designs available. I link it here for your convenience.