Monthly Archives: April 2016

30 Apr 2016

ClearGuard Nano Clear Bra

ClearGuard Nano Clear Bra is the most advanced paint protection film available   ClearGuard Nano Clear Bra is the most advanced paint protection film you can get on your vehicle. At EVS Motors we provide you with only the best products we can find. ClearGuard Nano comes with the best clarity available compared to all leading brands and includes a hydrophobic coating that makes water bead right off your vehicle. This will make it easier to clean. Of course ClearGuard […]

30 Apr 2016

European Style Wheels

EVS Motors is the Texas Dealer for Vorsteiner Wheels, the most amazing aftermarket European Style Wheels. If you are looking for European style wheels for your Mercedes, Audi, BMW or Porsche, then Vorsteiner is the Brand to go with. Affordable flow-forged wheels in classic and modern designs, invented to fit perfectly onto European Vehicles. Every Vorsteiner product is rigorously tested and must pass their highly detailed quality control before leaving the on-site Vorsteiner factory. Only after rigorous testing can a […]

26 Apr 2016
Best Car Tiint

Best Car Tint

EVS Motors brings the Best Car Tint to you! If you are looking for the best car tint in Houston, then you should stop by our Performance Studio in SW Houston. Let our Brand Specialist show you our Tint Display and help you find the absolute best Window Tint for your very own vehicle. Houston’s summer is far beyond hot and the solar heat that comes through your car windows feels like it is slowly killing you. Ask for our […]

23 Apr 2016

Houston Tint Special

Get the best Houston Tint Special at EVS Motors EVS Motors offers the best and most valuable Houston Tint Special. All of you who ever sat in traffic in Houston know, that the strength of the sun and the heat is literally roasting you. We have the answer to your prayers. Okay, we won’t be able to fix the traffic issue, BUT we can definitely make you feel more comfortable in your car by installing Spectra Photosync, the best transitioning […]

23 Apr 2016

Custom ADV1 Wheels

EVS Motors is Texas only Distributor for custom ADV1 Wheels Whichever car you own, if you care about it and it’s looks you definitely will be interested in custom ADV1 Wheels from EVS Motors in Houston. We provide you with personal service connecting you with our Brand Specialist and we will be with you from picking a wheel, through the ordering process, to installing the wheels onto your vehicle. ADV1 Wheels are not just the most beautiful creations you have […]

20 Apr 2016

Hummer H1 in Houston Flood

See us driving with Hummer H1 in Houston Flood , 2016 This is not a good time for Houston, but when you see our Manager driving this Hummer H1 in Houston Flood and making it through 5 feet high water and more, your jaw will drop. Created by EVS Motors, these Hummer H1’s are made to withstand all kinds of disasters. Check out our tactical Search and Destroy Vehicles. Equipped with one of these bad boys you will not have […]

20 Apr 2016

Dillon Optics Performance Sunglasses

Houstons No.1 Dillon Optics Performance Sunglasses Dealer is EVS Motors.   If you enjoy Driving you should own a pair of Dillon Optics Performance Sunglasses. The NIR Lens Technology is a polarized diffuse reflector that reduces internal reflections within the lens allowing for noticeably sharper clarity. -Say Goodbye to glare!- We all know how uncomfortable it is to drive and suddenly sun hits your sunglasses from the side in a terrible angle and you are blinded for a few seconds. […]

20 Apr 2016

Heat rejecting Window Tint

Heat rejecting Window Tint is a must have in Houston.   At EVS Motors we provide you with the highest quality Heat rejecting Window Tint in Houston. You will be grateful to have one of the highest Heat Rejecting Window Tint films available in the entire United States. Sprectra Photosync is the most advanced high heat rejecting Window Tint created and will provide you comfort, even in the crazy hot Houston summer. get some information on Spectra Photosync 99% UV […]

12 Apr 2016

IPE Exhaust Houston

If you are looking for a new IPE Exhaust Houston come to EVS Motors and we will make sure to give your car a new voice. To have a nice car is one thing, but to have a well performing car with the right amount of “wroom” you want to get your very own IPE Exhaust Houston at EVS Motors. We will help you find the right fit for you and make your driving experience fun and enjoyable. When it […]

12 Apr 2016

Dillon Optics for Sale at EVS Motors

The only Performance Studio in Houston that offers Dillon Optics for sale at EVS Motors. If you are looking to get some new Sunglasses you should check out our Dillon Optics Polarized Sunglasses at our Shop in Houston, Texas.  Dillon Optics for sale at EVS Motors at the best prices. Check out the Dillon Optics For Sale Sunglass Collection Dillon Optics has developed and is bringing to market a technology that has never been seen before. NIR lens Technology. So […]