Monthly Archives: June 2016

23 Jun 2016

Beat the Heat with window tint

Drive smart and beat the heat with window tint   If you ever had to go through a Houston summer without window tint on your vehicle, you know it can be a pain. Beat the heat with window tint that you can’t get anywhere else in Houston exclusive at our performance studio.   Spectra Photosync This film as been proven to be one of the best window tints on the market. With a heat rejection from 80% and more, this […]

09 Jun 2016

Vossen Forged Wheels

EVS Motors brings Vossen Forged Wheels to you   Create your kind of wheel with Vossen Forged Wheels. Vossen is a already well established wheel manufacturer. Known for their always up to date cast wheel designs and appreciated for their social media precense, Vossen is on the forefront of wheel manufacturing. Last year they finally started creating their very own Vossen Forged Wheel Series. This allows you to customize your Vossen Wheels. Just pick a design and choose the finish […]

08 Jun 2016

Houston’s best wheels

If you are looking for Houston’s best wheels, your prayers have been answered. EVS Motors is Texas Dealer for ADV.1 Wheels, Houston’s best wheels. ADV.1 Wheels are custom made wheels, that will be designed to fit your vehicle perfectly. We have worked with ADV.1 Wheels for quite some time now and have seen all kinds of designs and finishes for all sort of vehicles. If you are looking to track your car and need lightweight wheels or if you have […]

08 Jun 2016

Cracked Clear Bra

Avoid paying hundreds of dollars to remove cracked clear bra   Cracked Clear Bra is definitely something that can be avoided by choosing the best Paint Protection Film right away. Don’t get talked into a stock Clear Bra from the dealership. It might be convenient to have it done right away before you get the vehicle delivered, but on the other hand you might just get a Clear Bra that is low in quality and is not self-healing. And after […]

07 Jun 2016

Renntech Mercedes ECU Tune

Get your Renntech Mercedes ECU Tune at EVS Motors Performance Studio As Mercedes owner Renntech Mercedes ECU Tune is the perfect tune for your car. Established in 1989 by Hartmut Feyhl, Renntech has developed the best tunes over years without compromising daily driving reliability. His knowledge is a combination of his passion for Mercedes vehicles and 12 years of experience working at Mercedes AMG. This guarantees you the highest quality and reliable tunes for Mercedes vehicles. Here are just a […]

02 Jun 2016

Tesla Model X Tint

EVS Motors offers the highest quality Tesla Model X Tint   If you are looking to get Tesla Model X Tint, you are at the right place. EVS Motors is the only Spectra Photosync installer in Houston. Spectra Photosync is one of the best tints ever made. With a heat rejection from about 80% and more, combined with the unique feature of transitioning technology, this film will make your passengers and yourself feel more comfortable in your vehicle. The benefit […]

01 Jun 2016

GlareShield Tesla Screen Protection

EVS Motors now offers GlareShield Tesla Screen Protection   You wonder what GlareShield Tesla Screen Protection does for you? Tesla vehicles are pretty neat creations. Using the big screen centered on the dashboard, you can basically control the entire car. There is just a downfall to all that. A screen can easily break, glare makes it almost impossible to see and fingerprints give you a hard time to maintain a clean surface. GlareShield Tesla Screen Protection takes care of all […]