Monthly Archives: September 2018

28 Sep 2018

Ceramic Tint Trap – Check your facts

If you read this you might have already fallen victim to the Ceramic Tint trap or maybe you just heard others recommend Ceramic film. Whatever the case may be, when it comes down to it, only facts matter. Let me start by saying, do not get fooled by the word “Ceramic”. Many films on the market that are called ceramic are not even ceramic technology, but more to that later. How to avoid the Ceramic Tint Trap Let’s be honest, […]

27 Sep 2018

Interior Vinyl Wrap to customize your vehicle

In the car scene, interior vinyl wrap is nothing new. Still, most people that are not specifically engaged in the car scene, still don’t know about it. You can actually change the look of your vehicle’s interior beyond the options car manufacturers give you. And let’s not forget the fact that options are only available if you buy a new vehicle which many of us buy a used car and then have to deal with the options that particular car […]

25 Sep 2018

Clear Bra Maintenance Instructions

You might have thought that Clear Bra Maintenance is not required, however, it is recommended. We have seen some bad looking paint protection film before. And even thought the quality of the install and used material makes a difference, the maintenance recommendations are very similar to all of them. So if you spend a good amount of money on paint protection film, do yourself a favor and spend a little extra time on maintenance. This will allow you to keep […]

22 Sep 2018

Additional Ceramic Coatings for all surfaces

By now most of you probably heard of ceramic coatings for the paint. But did you know that there are additional Ceramic Coatings for other surfaces and materials as well? Let me show you a few options to give you additional protection. Additional Ceramic Coatings Like paint, other parts of the vehicle can be just as difficult to keep clean if not more. Coating companies released coatings for all kinds of surfaces over the past few years. Below I will […]

19 Sep 2018

EVS Motors weekly vlog – Every Tuesday

Did you ever wonder what’s going on within EVS Motors? Do you like to watch people ‘s daily lives? EVS Motors weekly vlog will be released every Tuesday. In times of social media we realized, clients actually want to catch a glimpse of the “behind the scene” moments. EVS Motors weekly vlog We decided it was time to start bringing our YouTube channel back to life. We post videos once in a while and some of them went viral like […]

18 Sep 2018

Vossen Series 17 Rolls Royce Wheels

The newly released Vossen Series 17 Rolls Royce Wheels are now available to order. They are so new, you will not find it on Vossen’s homepage. We closely worked with Vossen Wheels to create designs and wheels specifically designed for Rolls Royce vehicles. Vossen Series 17 Rolls Royce Wheels Rolls Royce is a brand that has always been a desirable vehicle manufacturer. Their cars stand for luxury and class. We wanted to create wheels that compliment the vehicles design and […]

14 Sep 2018

Ceramic Coating – Stay clean longer!

Most of you have heard of the term “Ceramic Coating” in one way or another. Still, many don’t actually know what it is and how it works. To make it simple we will not go in depth of all coatings available. We will explain a little about ceramic coatings and how they work. What is Ceramic Coating all about? For the past few years the term “Ceramic Coating” was widely spread across the internet and social media. With crazy videos […]

13 Sep 2018

Unplugged Performance Lowering Kit – Tesla Model S

If you are looking to lower your Tesla Model S, the Unplugged Performance Lowering Kit is the way to go. This kit works with your air suspension to be able to adjust it to a lower height. It is a perfect solution to get rid of the wheel gap and give it a sporty look. We recommend to get it professional installed and get an alignment check after the install. At EVS Motors we can handle both, the installs as […]

12 Sep 2018

Replace old window tint today

If you want to replace old window tint, our warrantied films are your best options. All films we offer come with a lifetime warranty to not bubble, fade or change colors. There are a few things you have to consider when your tint looks like this image below. Replace old window tint with better film There are a few things to consider when you want to replace your old film. If your film peels off on it’s own or bubbled, […]

11 Sep 2018

Vossen Forged S17-07 Wheels – New Release 3-piece

Vossen is working hard on their 3-piece forged wheels and recently released the Vossen Forged S17-07 Wheels. You can see how much work they out in to every single design they release to assure fitment and quality. The Vossen Forged S17-07 Wheels Aggressive and unique designs are the building block for S17 Series wheels. Any and all ideas and concepts can become reality for nearly any vehicle, from an exotic hyper car to off-road truck application. As with all other […]