Monthly Archives: November 2018

10 Nov 2018

Tesla specific services – A page for Teslas

Regardless if you are a reservation holder or if you recently received your very own Tesla vehicle, Tesla specific services are always something that you want to look into right away. Large amounts of our clients are actually Tesla owners. That’s why we have decided to dedicate an entire service page to you. Tesla specific services – What you need to know To help you find the products you are interested in quicker we made a main Tesla Service page. […]

06 Nov 2018

Painted Chrome Delete for Tesla

Now we offer painted chrome delete for all our OCD clients that just want a durable and neat option. If you are looking to modify the looks of your vehicle, you probably came across the words “chrome delete” plenty of times. We did a wide variety of black out packages with different types of vinyl to give our clients the custom look they are longing for. The most common ones are of course matte and gloss black. Vinyl can easily […]