5 Fatal Mistakes Other Shops Commit

1. No Insurance

Many other shops do not have insurance. Tools and equipment can fail and unforeseen acts of God can damage what was once your pride and joy.  Not having insurance victimizes clients to have to pay for everything out of their own pockets.

2. Confusing Product Lines

Many other shops fall into the category of carrying way too many brands, trying to cater to everyone’s needs. Despite good intentions, this causes massive confusion among clients as well as the shop, because no one knows what to recommend!

3. Failure to Protect your Property

Many other shops cannot safely store vehicles in their garages at the end of the day, forcing them to leave valuable clients’ vehicles outside unprotected during the night.

4. Failure to Meet Clients’ Needs

Many other shops fail to understand and meet clients’ needs when it comes to service, products, and value. Clients are left feeling dissatisfied.

5. Failure to Bring the Best of the Best to Clients

Many other shops are often so caught up in profits they will carry any products that will give them the best profit margins and not the best quality their clients need.