Additional Services for Tesla Owners

additional Services for Tesla Owners

We offer additional Services for Tesla Owners

If you read my previous post (if not, here it is), you might have already waited for the list of our additional Services for Tesla Owners. Since Tesla became a very popular vehicle manufacturer, there are a lot of aftermarket options for your car available by now. I will list a few of them below, but since there are so many options, this post will be definitely not be long enough to mention them all.


Ceramic Coating

There is a big misconception about Ceramic Coating out there. Many think it protects your paint from damages, which is not exactly the case. Only PPF (Paint Protection Film) truly protects the paint from damages like rock chips and scratches. Ceramic Coating is a liquid that is applied on the surface of the paint, bonds with it and hardens. It basically works as a super wax and fades very slowly.

Your main benefit will be that your car will be easier to maintain clean. Since those coatings are hydrophobic, water will bead off nicely and take some of the dust with it. This will allow you to quick rinse in between washes to get rid of the dust your car collects. Especially in Houston. Additionally it will give your car a glossy wet look. It is true that the coating protects your paint the environment. Ceramic Coating protects your paint from dirt accumulating on the surface which could result in a gritty feel. Often that dirt won’t come off with a regular wash either. In total, Ceramic Coating is for anyone that likes a clean car, shiny paint and overall a time and money saving option to maintain both.

Vinyl Wrap/Chrome Delete

You might have heard of those terms before in the Tesla community. In both cases, something gets wrapped into vinyl. Chrome Delete is a service where matte or gloss black vinyl covers all chrome accents of the vehicle. Sometimes it can also be a different color, but most people choose black. If you want to fully change the color of your vehicle but don’t want to fully commit to get it repainted, Vinyl Wrap can be a good choice for you. It is a more economic option to change your vehicles color and often even finish (textured wraps) to get a more custom look. Below I will show some options of a before and after Chrome Delete and a full vehicle wrap.

Below you can see a Model X we modified for JW Mariott Downtown Houston. We did a full custom designed vehicle vinyl wrap to make their Model X a spectacular shuttle for their clients.

GlareShield (Model S/Model X)

This is probably one of the smallest but most impactful of the additional Services for Tesla Owners. If you ever had an iPad you know how quickly it breaks. To prevent that, we offer a protection film called GlareShield. It is matte, diffuses reflections and of course protects the screen from scratches and impacts. Besides those obvious benefits, you also will notice that you will collect less of these annoying fingerprints that makes it impossible to see anything in daylight. Below 

On the right you can see half of the screen covered with GlareShield and half exposed. This will give you an idea of what to expect when you get it installed.


Custom Wheels

It is actually really interesting how much wheels can change the vehicles appearance. You have a bunch of options when it comes to picking a wheel. We work with multiple brands and every brand has their uniqueness. Different models and multiple finishes are available to fit your needs. Below you can see multiple pictures with different wheel brands to customize and find the perfect look for your Tesla. Since this topic is so specific, I would recommend to call us at our Studio to speak to a specialist. We can help find something that matches your budget and your imagination



To find out more about any of the services mentioned above, call 888.878.2213 or email sales@evsmotors.com. Our specialists will be able to inform you about any services to protect and enhance your Tesla.