Beat the Heat with window tint

Drive smart and beat the heat with window tint


If you ever had to go through a Houston summer without window tint on your vehicle, you know it can be a pain. Beat the heat with window tint that you can’t get anywhere else in Houston exclusive at our performance studio.


Spectra Photosync

This film as been proven to be one of the best window tints on the market. With a heat rejection from 80% and more, this tint will save you from Houston’s heat like no other. Stop burning up in your vehicle and install a window tint that actually has a purpose besides providing privacy due to a darker shade. Spectra Photosync offers a 99.5% UV rejection which will protect your skin from burning and your leather interior from drying out and cracking,

Beat the heat

not to mention what the sun can do to your dashboard during Houston’s summer months.

beat the heat

If you want to avoid facing the cost of hundreds of dollars to repair these parts, you are best off purchasing a good quality window tint for your vehicle. Protect your investment and allow yourself to be comfortable in your vehicle, especially in this Houston heat. We all have been stuck in traffic more than once and I personally can tell a major difference between driving my car without a tint at all and then driving it with Spectra Photosync. I definitely would not go with anything less than that.

Come to our shop and I will be happy to walk you through our tint display. See for yourself what a difference it makes to have Spectra Photosync installed on all your vehicles glass windows.

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