Best Paint Protection Film for your car

Get the best Paint Protection Film in Houston with our ClearGuard Nano. It is not only self healing but also features a hydrophobic top coat that will behave like a ceramic coating. If you have not seen it in person I would definitely recommend to come by our studio to check out our display.

Best Paint Protection Film

What makes ClearGuard Nano the best paint protection film?

There are a few things to consider once you decided that you want to get PPF done on your car. First of all, you have to find a product that gives you everything you are looking for. ClearGuard Nano is self healing, hydrophobic and very sturdy. It does not add distortions to your paint which means it has the glossiest, clearest finish of all clear bra’s out there. If the look of your paint is of concern to you, I would definitely recommend to come by in person to take a look.

Our film is warrantied for 10 years from the manufacturer against yellowing and cracking. All films slightly turn yellow on a white vehicle. But it can go to an extreme very quickly with a bad quality film. Some films we tested turned yellow after the first year. Which brings me to the second thing to consider: Warranties. Always make sure the film has a basic manufacturer warranty. Other than that, we also offer a upgraded Lifetime Warranty through EVS Motors that allows you to replace each panel once a year for a small deductible. If you are interested in the upgraded lifetime warranty, speak to one of our team members at our studio.

Trust your installer.

There is nothing more concerning than to drop your car off at a shop that seems sketchy. Always make sure to visit the shop you chose to install the film in person, this will allow you to get an idea of what work they do and how they handle the cars. We have been in business since 17 years and experience. Even though things happen sometimes, we always make sure take best care of all vehicles that come to us, regardless if it is a Rolls Royce or a Honda Civic.

We stand by our products and work since we do thorough research when it comes to products. We test all of them well before we offer it for sale. If you have been a client since the early years you will know that we regularly upgrade our products to the newest and best available from a visual and performance stand point. That’s why we know that ClearGuard nano is the best paint protection film on the market right now.

We also offer high heat rejecting window films, vinyl and paint chrome delete, custom forged and flow forged wheels, exhaust and body upgrades. If you are interested in any of these services, please call 888.878.2213 to speak to our specialists.