Category : Detailing

08 Jan 2019

Prevent rock chips – Paint Protection Film

If you drive on a lot of highways or through construction on a daily basis, to prevent rock chips is a big deal to you. There is really just one way to avoid rock chips unless not driving your car is a realistic option for you, but where is the fun in that? Even if you have a car that is a garage queen, eventually  it will be driven. We see it way too often. People pick up their cars […]

10 Nov 2018

Tesla specific services – A page for Teslas

Regardless if you are a reservation holder or if you recently received your very own Tesla vehicle, Tesla specific services are always something that you want to look into right away. Large amounts of our clients are actually Tesla owners. That’s why we have decided to dedicate an entire service page to you. Tesla specific services – What you need to know To help you find the products you are interested in quicker we made a main Tesla Service page. […]

25 Sep 2018

Clear Bra Maintenance Instructions

You might have thought that Clear Bra Maintenance is not required, however, it is recommended. We have seen some bad looking paint protection film before. And even thought the quality of the install and used material makes a difference, the maintenance recommendations are very similar to all of them. So if you spend a good amount of money on paint protection film, do yourself a favor and spend a little extra time on maintenance. This will allow you to keep […]

22 Sep 2018

Additional Ceramic Coatings for all surfaces

By now most of you probably heard of ceramic coatings for the paint. But did you know that there are additional Ceramic Coatings for other surfaces and materials as well? Let me show you a few options to give you additional protection. Additional Ceramic Coatings Like paint, other parts of the vehicle can be just as difficult to keep clean if not more. Coating companies released coatings for all kinds of surfaces over the past few years. Below I will […]

28 Aug 2018

Zymol Detailing Products – Be gentle with your paint

Zymol Detailing Products have their origins 200 years ago. Working with Landau Carriages in 1743 they set themselves a very challenging goal. The carriages had enamel paint that was hard to work with. Zymol uses plant oils and derivatives as the base of their products to give you a product that is natural and gentle. Additionally they are enhanced with real carnauba wax, coconut, cocoa butter and banana. The name Zymol is based on the words “EnZYMatic EmOLlient” that describes […]

02 Mar 2018

Ceramic Coating in Houston

Get your Ceramic Coating in Houston at EVS Motors You are probably looking for Ceramic Coating in Houston because you are tired of maintaining a clean car in a city full of pollen and ridiculous weather patterns. There are definitely ways to make it easier on yourself and your bank account to maintain a shiny clean car for longer and to maintain it with less effort. We use Ceramic Pro which is the up and coming Ceramic Coating in Houston […]