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11 Sep 2018

Vossen Forged S17-07 Wheels – New Release 3-piece

Vossen is working hard on their 3-piece forged wheels and recently released the Vossen Forged S17-07 Wheels. You can see how much work they out in to every single design they release to assure fitment and quality. The Vossen Forged S17-07 Wheels Aggressive and unique designs are the building block for S17 Series wheels. Any and all ideas and concepts can become reality for nearly any vehicle, from an exotic hyper car to off-road truck application. As with all other […]

08 Sep 2018

Mount Tires Safely – Touchless Tire Mount

We often have clients call us because they are looking to mount tires safely. Using cheaper alternative shops, the risk of getting your brand new wheels scratched is just too high for them. We are known to use a high quality machine. All parts that actually touch the wheel are plastic or rubber to ensure a safe install and minimize the risk of scratches. We saw it way too many times. We even had clients here that got all four […]

06 Sep 2018

BlackVue 4K Dashcam – Surveillance on the go

The DR-900S is the new BlackVue 4K Dashcam. It was recently released and is the newest version of BlackVue available. With all the great features from previous models, combined with newly released upgrades, this model is the top of the line dashcam. What’s so great on the BlackVue 4K Dashcam? First off, the name gives it away, the front camera now records in 4k UHD. The Full HD Sony STARVIS™ image sensor ensures best image quality under any light. Your […]

05 Sep 2018

1221 SVIPE Wheels – Custom Raptor Wheels!

The 1221 SVIPE Wheels are a new creation by 1221 Wheels collaborating with the Salomondrin and Galpin Auto Sports team. The SVIPE Off-Road Truck Wheels are lighter, stronger, and feature the most extreme concave profiles available today. 1221 SVIPE Wheels It all started with the Raptor S project by 1221 Wheels, Galpin Auto Sports and Salomondrin. Their goal was to create a more aggressive and capable off-road machine designed to improve every aspect of its performance, aesthetics, and comfort. All […]

31 Aug 2018

GT Technik Roll Cage – 991 Porsche GT3

GT Technik Roll Cage install Today we share the GT Technik Roll Cage install on our clients 991 Porsche GT3. It was pretty straight forward but the pictures provided will give you a better idea of the process. We unpacked the parts and made sure we had all the hardware the kit is supposed to come with. Additionally, we made sure that the bar assembles properly before we attempt to take the interior apart. Once we checked that everything fits, […]

29 Aug 2018

VenomRex Wheels – A different take on truck wheels

If you are looking for a new set of wheels for your Truck, VenomRex Wheels is just what you need. Affordable but durable, well designed wheels made by a company that has been in the scene for a long time. Starting with well fitted carbon fiber parts, they found their way into wheel manufacturing. At first, their fitments were specifically for European models, performance vehicles as well as super cars. Later they added more fitments for vehicles around the globe […]

28 Aug 2018

Zymol Detailing Products – Be gentle with your paint

Zymol Detailing Products have their origins 200 years ago. Working with Landau Carriages in 1743 they set themselves a very challenging goal. The carriages had enamel paint that was hard to work with. Zymol uses plant oils and derivatives as the base of their products to give you a product that is natural and gentle. Additionally they are enhanced with real carnauba wax, coconut, cocoa butter and banana. The name Zymol is based on the words “EnZYMatic EmOLlient” that describes […]

25 Aug 2018

Tesla Model S NVX Bass Kit – B.O.O.S.T Series

The Tesla Model S NVX Bass Kit will give you an entirely new sound experience. The OEM sound system of the Tesla Model S is already pretty good since the vehicle is very quiet. Unfortunately it is missing some bass. The NVX B.O.O.S.T Series Bass Kit was specifically designed for Tesla Model S.  This means it does not require any custom modifications to the vehicle. Which means if you plan to sell or trade in your current Model S, you […]

22 Aug 2018

Recommended Paint Protection Film coverage

If you always wondered what the recommended Paint Protection Film coverage really is, you found the right place. We install clear bra since many years and have installed multiple different coverage options. Paint Protection Film should be one of the first modifications you think of for your vehicle, well before ceramic coating or window tint. The reason for that is that Paint Protection Film (PPF) is the only thing that protects from impacts like rock chips and scratches. If you […]

21 Aug 2018

Hand-cut Window Tint – Why we do not use templates

We heard the question before, why do you use hand-cut window tint? The answer is quite simple. We always strive to achieve the most coverage and since we work with many different vehicles, experience tells us that templates just don’t cut it (no pun intended). Template cut film is always the same size. It doesn’t matter if you have a Dodge Ram, Mercedes C-63 or a Tesla Model S. Most likely not every part of the vehicle is exactly like […]