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07 Feb 2019

Huper Optik Window Tint – Blowout Inventory Sale

Take advantage of our Huper Optik Window Tint Sale! Take advantage of our Huper Optik Window Tint Inventory Sale and get a high quality film for a fraction of the cost. If you were waiting for a sale to get your windows tinted, this is your opportunity. Huper Optik has been a high quality tint and around for many years. Their groundbreaking work on the first full Ceramic window tint made their name be well known. This is a fantastic […]

10 Nov 2018

Tesla specific services – A page for Teslas

Regardless if you are a reservation holder or if you recently received your very own Tesla vehicle, Tesla specific services are always something that you want to look into right away. Large amounts of our clients are actually Tesla owners. That’s why we have decided to dedicate an entire service page to you. Tesla specific services – What you need to know To help you find the products you are interested in quicker we made a main Tesla Service page. […]

28 Sep 2018

Ceramic Tint Trap – Check your facts

If you read this you might have already fallen victim to the Ceramic Tint trap or maybe you just heard others recommend Ceramic film. Whatever the case may be, when it comes down to it, only facts matter. Let me start by saying, do not get fooled by the word “Ceramic”. Many films on the market that are called ceramic are not even ceramic technology, but more to that later. How to avoid the Ceramic Tint Trap Let’s be honest, […]

12 Sep 2018

Replace old window tint today

If you want to replace old window tint, our warrantied films are your best options. All films we offer come with a lifetime warranty to not bubble, fade or change colors. There are a few things you have to consider when your tint looks like this image below. Replace old window tint with better film There are a few things to consider when you want to replace your old film. If your film peels off on it’s own or bubbled, […]

04 Sep 2018

Residential Window Tint – Keep your Home cool

Residential Window Tint is something that became more popular within the past years. Still, most people are not aware that it can have many benefits besides just privacy. The Benefit of Residential Window Tint To consider window tint for your home, you first need to know the facts. Let me explain the benefits you will experience with quality tint on your home’s windows. 1.) Privacy: This will be one of the most commonly known benefits of tint. Depending on the […]

21 Aug 2018

Hand-cut Window Tint – Why we do not use templates

We heard the question before, why do you use hand-cut window tint? The answer is quite simple. We always strive to achieve the most coverage and since we work with many different vehicles, experience tells us that templates just don’t cut it (no pun intended). Template cut film is always the same size. It doesn’t matter if you have a Dodge Ram, Mercedes C-63 or a Tesla Model S. Most likely not every part of the vehicle is exactly like […]

11 Aug 2018

Ceramic Window Tint – Heat Rejecting

If we look back at the beginning of window films, there was nothing comparable to our Ceramic Window Tint now a days. It all started with dyed glass and spray on tints. Unfortunately, these were only able to give the windows darkness, which makes it impossible to see at night. Often it was not even a very even tone and there was definitely no heat rejection involved. In 1966 the first actual window film was created. The film was dye-based […]

07 Aug 2018

Additional Services for Tesla Owners

We offer additional Services for Tesla Owners If you read my previous post (if not, here it is), you might have already waited for the list of our additional Services for Tesla Owners. Since Tesla became a very popular vehicle manufacturer, there are a lot of aftermarket options for your car available by now. I will list a few of them below, but since there are so many options, this post will be definitely not be long enough to mention […]

02 Aug 2018

Services for Tesla owners – Model S Model X Model 3

The basic services for Tesla owners Our Tesla clients always show a very special attachment to their Tesla. Regardless if it is a Model S, Model X or Model 3. You always want to do the best to protect the original condition of the vehicle. That’s why we want to create a post listing all services for Tesla owners, to make it easy accessible for all of you. Starting with the most important one first. Paint Protection Film – ClearGuard […]

25 Jul 2018

Hot summers and window tint – What you need to know

Hot summers and window tint Today we will teach you why hot summers and window tint are in direct correlation to each other, especially in Houston. You might be still stuck on the belief that tint has to be dark to work well. The darker, the better. In an age of hi-tech solutions to almost everything, window tint has also evolved. From dark films that bubble and fade to a high heat and UV rejecting protective shield. You probably often […]