Ceramic Coating in Houston

Get your Ceramic Coating in Houston at EVS Motors

Ceramic Coating in Houston

You are probably looking for Ceramic Coating in Houston because you are tired of maintaining a clean car in a city full of pollen and ridiculous weather patterns. There are definitely ways to make it easier on yourself and your bank account to maintain a shiny clean car for longer and to maintain it with less effort.

We use Ceramic Pro which is the up and coming Ceramic Coating in Houston and surrounding areas. It has different coatings for different materials and purposes.

Since we all have way too little time I will not bore you with random information and cut to the chase and list below why you want to get your Ceramic Coating in Houston done at EVS Motors:


• Best Value

• High Quality service

• You get what you paid for (we actually use the product you purchased, no crappy replacement)


If you are not sure why you would need a Ceramic Coating in Houston, let me give you a few pointers:


• It protects from UV Damage and Oxidation

• Provides higher resistance to staining and etching

• Enhances your vehicles gloss

• Allows for easier cleaning of the vehicle


Please watch the videos below to see what a coating on your vehicle can do for you!


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