Clear Bra Installer in Houston

Looking for a Clear Bra Installer in Houston?

Clear Bra Installer in Houston

Look no further! We are the only Clear Bra Installer in Houston that provides you with the best product on the market and does custom installs, which will get you the best protection coverage for your vehicle.

When you are looking to get Paint Protection Film installed on your vehicle, you want to make sure your money is well spent. The main purpose of the film is to protect your paint from possible rock chips and such. What a basic Clear Bra Installer in Houston will not tell you, is that many films out there are NOT self healing, which means, any scratch that the clear bra catches will just remain on the clear bra. Therefore it just looks like your paint is damaged, even though it might not be, but what is the purpose of having a nice car if whatever is on top of the paint looks bad?

The other thing is, most Clear Bra Installer in Houston just pre-cut the film with a program that makes the install quicker and maybe a little less expensive, but most of the time the coverage area is poor depending. This might vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle, but what I saw for the most part is, that a lot of paint is still exposed to rock chips and other minor damages with pre-cut film.

At EVS Motors we strive to go beyond the basics to provide you with the BEST product and the most professional install. Paint Protection film is not a paint enhancement, it simply protects your paint. But many leading brands on the market give you JUST that. Plain protection and nothing else. ClearGuard Nano, the paint protection film we use, provides you with protection while it has self-healing (minor damages just heal out in the sun) and hydrophobic (water beads right off) properties. And if that wasn’t already a huge upgrade to any other film you can get anywhere else, it also provides the best clarity out of any film you can get, which means it does NOT add any orange peel effect like you often see with other leading brands. The picture below shows you the difference. Just compare the reflections on both panels.

Clear Bra Installer in Houston

This is the product you want on your car and why not just get any clear bra installed just anywhere? Well, two simple reasons. First off, we provide a LIFETIME* warranty for our product and second, we have been installing clear bra for 16 years. We worked with all kinds of vehicles, from exotics to reliable daily drivers to heavy duty trucks. Feel free to come to our shop in Houston and let us show our display and get all your questions answered on site.


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