ClearGuard Nano Clear Bra

ClearGuard Nano Clear Bra is the most advanced paint protection film available


ClearGuard Nano Clear Bra is the most advanced paint protection film you can get on your vehicle. At EVS Motors we provide you with only the best products we can find. ClearGuard Nano comes with the best clarity available compared to all leading brands and includes a hydrophobic coating that makes water bead right off your vehicle. This will make it easier to clean. Of course ClearGuard Nano also protects from rock chips and scratches and since it has self healing properties, any scratches and rock chips that don’t penetrate through the surface of the film will heal out over time with heat and infrared light.

See how ClearGuard Nano Performs compares to other leading brands.

ClearGuard Nano Clear Bra

We installed this film on many vehicles since the day we carry it and all of our clients are very satisfied with the performance of ClearGuard Nano. Some clients even came back to replace their clear bra with Clear Guard Nano. We had the chance to take a comparison picture on one of our customers vehicles:

ClearGuard Nano Clear Bra

You are more than welcome to stop by our shop in SW Houston and talk to our Brand Specialist. Let us show you live how this amazing Clear Film works and be stunned by the incredible clarity compared to any clear bra you have seen.

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