Cracked Clear Bra

Avoid paying hundreds of dollars to remove cracked clear bra


Cracked Clear Bra is definitely something that can be avoided by choosing the best Paint Protection Film right away. Don’t get talked into a stock Clear Bra from the dealership. It might be convenient to have it done right away before you get the vehicle delivered, but on the other hand you might just get a Clear Bra that is low in quality and is not self-healing. And after a few years it might just look like this:

Cracked Clear Bra

Besides that it looks terrible, if Clear Bra is already cracked like this it will be very time consuming and expensive to remove. Avoid falling into that trap of convenience and go for the best Clear Bra you can get for your money.

ClearGuard Nano is the Paint Protection Film to go with. It has incredible self-healing properties that work far beyond the other leading brands. Besides that remarkable feature, it includes a hydrophobic coating that will make water bead right off the covered areas. Another unique feature of ClearGuard Nano is the implementation of the highest Liquid Gloss Factor in the industry. This is an achievement and measurement of unsurpassed surface brilliance, depth and intense gloss when applied to any vehicle. The result is the highest reflectivity and transparency of any paint protection film on the market. As illustrated in the image below, ClearGuard NANO™ has minimal “Orange Peel” texture. Its gloss coating is rated 50% glossier compared to the leading brand.

Cracked Clear Bra

If that is not convincing enough, come by our Performance Studio in SW Houston and let our Clear Bra display convince you. Watch live how well the self-healing element of ClearGuard Nano works. Compare clarity and brilliance to other leading brands first hand. You will be astonished by the results and the obvious better quality of this film.

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