Dillon Optics NIR Technology Sunglasses

About Dillon Optics

Dillon Optics entered the highly competitive sunglass marketplace for the first time in the spring of 2008. Dillon first conceived the idea for NIR Technology in 1986 at a family owned machine shop in Scottsdale Arizona. Their idea was to create a lens with clarity superior to anything else by diffusing and eliminating reflections within the lens. It took many years to get it right. Once they figured out that the new concept could work they realized that the method used to create this lens was far too complicated to manufacture. It took a long time to put the lens into production but the results are amazing. A lens with true high definition clarity.

Dillon Optics

Why NIR Technology

NIR lens technology is a polarized diffuse reflector within the lens. It reduces internal reflections and allows for noticeably sharper clarity. This technology is enclosed within the lens to protect it from scratching or exposure to environmental conditions. Regardless if you like to race, drive off-road, fly a plane or shoot guns, these sunglasses allow you to see the world in a clear image. Did you ever try to play tennis in the sun while you were the unlucky one to be blinded? The Dillon Optics will be the right choice for you in those situations. You might have heard from “The Smoking Tire”, the YouTube Channel with Matt Farah. He himself is a big fan of the Dillon Optics sunglasses and so are many others that need the clear vision on a daily basis.

You have the option between metal and plastic frames and a bunch of designs with multiple combinations of colors. To keep it simple we will show you a few options below. If you want to see their entire collection, check out their homepage. We have many different models and combinations in stock but can also get a specific one you like. Make sure to stop by our shop in Houston to try them on. Call 888.878.2213 for more information and to order online. We can ship them to you for more convenience.