FI Exhaust – Valvetronic – Valve Control

If you are looking for an aftermarket exhaust, FI Exhaust might be just perfect for you. To understand what FI Exhaust is about, we will first explain what valvetronic means.

FI Exhaust – Valvetronic Systems

The Valvetronic system is a variable valve system which allow exhaust branched into two paths.
This technology has been used on Ferrari and Lamborghini super cars for more than 10 years. FI is now are offering this technology in all their product lines.

Closed Valves

Open Valves


How it works

FI features Vacuum Valves in their valve systems. The negative pressure generated in the intake manifold is utilized to open and close the valves as desired.
A Control Module is included with all systems, which can be used with the included remote control. Simply set to automatic, open and close modes.

CLOSE mode It helps the induction of car exhaust backpressure and increases torque at low rpm.
OPEN mode A free flow exhaust can bring Formula 1 sound and increase more horsepower at high rpm.
AUTO mode This mode will enable automatic open and close of the valves based on each car owner’s individual preferences and driving habits.In this mode, you can set the valve to open and close by detecting various signals, such as boost, depth of gas pedal, rpm, etc.

In the video below you can hear the difference on this Audi R8 we installed the FI Exhaust system on. At first you hear the exhaust with the valves closed and after with the valves open.

Exhaust Tips

FI offers a variety of different exhaust tips. Below you can see a few options. Please contact us directly to see if that is available for your specific vehicle make and model. Matte Black, Chrome Black, Stainless, Titan Blue, Gold and Carbon Fiber are available on certain models.

FI Exhaust


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