Get Vossen Work Wheels

Get Vossen Work Wheels now available at EVS Motors

For month we have been teased with the release of the new Vossen Work Wheels. Finally the time has come and they are available at EVS Motors. Time to get Vossen Work Wheels for your car.

It is the first time in history that two major wheel manufacturers work together to create custom wheels. This collaboration has been talked about a while now and it was exciting to actually see a few of their wheel designs and finishes in Vegas at the SEMA Auto Show in person. Since then we, just like many others, were patiently waiting for their release in 2016. Now it is official that Vossen Work Wheels are available to be ordered. These Wheels will be manufactures in Japan, just like Work Wheels. This allows to take the amazing modern designs from Vossen Wheels and combine them with the experienced high quality manufacturing process of Work Wheels, leaving us with these beautiful creations shown below.

There is a wide variety of finish options available to choose from for their 2 piece wheels.

Here are the three wheel models:


get vossen work wheels


get vossen work wheels


get vossen work wheels

These three models are available in 19″ and 20″ and several combination of finish options for the barrel and the center.

Here are the center color options with color codes:

  • Matte Silver (MSL)
  • Gloss Silver (SIL)
  • Matte Graphite (MGM)
  • Gloss Graphite (GM)
  • Matte Black (MBL)
  • Gloss Black (BLK)
  • Matte Bronze (MHG)
  • Gloss Bronze (HPG)
  • Gloss Gold (PG)
  • Gloss Red (BRD)
  • Gloss White (WHT)
  • Gloss Blue (TV2)

Here are the barrel color options:

  • Polished
  • Brushed
  • Matte Bronze
  • Gloss Bronze
  • Gloss Black
  • Matte Black
    Note: All barrel finishes are anodized.

VOSSEN also offers a wide range of cast and forged wheels. Take a look at their wheel collection and their media gallery.