Houston Tint Special

Get the best Houston Tint Special at EVS Motors

EVS Motors offers the best and most valuable Houston Tint Special. All of you who ever sat in traffic in Houston know, that the strength of the sun and the heat is literally roasting you. We have the answer to your prayers. Okay, we won’t be able to fix the traffic issue, BUT we can definitely make you feel more comfortable in your car by installing Spectra Photosync, the best transitioning and high heat rejecting Window Film available.

Houston Tint Special

Purchase Spectra PhotoSync for one vehicle and get the second one for free. We provide highest quality products only and take pride in our high standards of work and an accurate appointment schedule.

Spectra PhotoSync is the most advanced Window Tint available. The feature of being solar adaptive is a big benefit to make visibility easier, especially at night time. Besides this great benefit it is one of the highest heat rejecting Window Films in the market. A total solar heat rejection from 80% and more even in the lighter shades will provide you comfort while driving or standing in traffic. This Film also has a 99.5% UV Rejection, which means it protects your beautiful leather interior and your passengers as well as your skin from harmful UV Rays. This is especially very important if you drive with kids in your car. Kids skin is way thinner and more sensitive than ours, that’s why good protection is very important for them.

Houston Tint Special

This film comes with a lifetime warranty against fading, changing colors, peeling and bubbling. Feel comfortable this summer and protect your passengers and your investment with Spectra Photosync. Find a friend or family member and split the cost to get the best Window Tint available for a low price.

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